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s3ebh | November 10, 2017

With the popularity of electronic dance music and the increased accessibility of technology more and more people are learning to express themselves and their talents through electronic music. These new producers submit their creations for all the world to see in hopes of becoming one of the next big names in the industry.

Sadly, sometimes being noticed with such a large influx of new producers can be difficult and a lot of people make some very common mistakes that keep them from reaching their goal. In the following article we will go through 5 of the biggest mistakes new producers make when trying to reach stardom and how you can avoid them.

1. Lack of a unique style. So many producers now sound like cookie-cutter clones of already popular artists. I cannot express how important it is to stand out of the crowd. To have someone hear your music for the first time and say, “I’ve never heard anything like this before,” is huge. Make music that delivers your own personal style that people won’t mistake for anyone else’s. People want to hear something new and fresh. Change the game.

2. Lack of social media. Surprisingly some producers don’t use social media or only use a limited number of social media outlets. Social media is one of the most important tools if you know how to use it correctly. Think of it as your own personal database of people to express yourself to who actually want to hear what you have to offer. The more exposure the better so make sure to have all possible sites covered, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc.

3. Charging people for your music. A lot of new producers seem to run into a problem with this one. Everyone wants to make a quick buck or two and as soon as they get the option to post their music exclusively on Beatport, iTunes, etc. they quickly take that option. But some producers don’t seem to realize that the most important thing you can do is have people listening to your music. This is more important above anything else. Forcing people to download your song will only cause you to have less downloads and less exposure. Typically a song will only make about less than a dollar a download. The real money will come from shows and record deals which will come once you gain the popularity. Think of it as an investment.

4. No local support. Just as it is important to have an online presence it is equally important to have one in your community. Connect with your local venues and start playing shows a soon as possible. Many producers assume since their music is good they can just post their music online and then they’ll be noticed and boom, instant fame. Although this would be amazing it hardly ever works like that. Most communities offer some sort of venue you can connect with and perform. Playing at these shows could network you with other producers and people in the music industry who could potentially be a huge asset for you in the future.

5. No drive. As cliche as it sounds, if you want something you have to go get it. Share and talk about your music with everyone you can. Network with as many people as possible. Post your music on forums, EDM blogs, and any website possible. Just keep that drive everyday, all day. The motivation to keep pushing through failures and keep fighting for success can make even a mediocre person extraordinary. The sad truth is a lot of producers just don’t want it bad enough. Fight for it.

Written by s3ebh


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